Commercial Services

Quality Commercial Electrician in Orillia

Helping Orillia area businesses with service and installation since 1987 is something we take great pride in. Technology and products are constantly changing, but the professional service and quality installation have never wavered throughout the years at Rostance Electric. As commercial Electricians, a combination of experience and a constant drive to stay ahead of the changing electrical landscape helps us provide customers with solutions to any problems that may arise.

Commercial Services

Switchgear Preventative Maintenance

Like every piece of equipment, maintenance is crucial. If a disconnect or breaker has not been exercised for years, mechanisms can become seized and not function properly when needed. An annual shutdown for switch gear exercise and lubrication can extend the lifetime of electrical equipment drastically.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

LED lighting upgrades can be a quick and relatively inexpensive way to cut hydro bills. Depending on existing lighting systems, an investment in a LED lighting upgrade can be paid back in less than four years.  Ask our experienced team about other ways to help slash utility expenses.

EV charging stations

Stay ahead of the competition and offer your customers a quick charge while they dine, shop or stay. Offering an electric vehicle charging station at your business not only creates revenue but can also attract customers at the same time. Our team can help you choose the best EV charging system for your unique needs.

Thermal-imaging Scanning

Identifying loose connections and weak points in an electrical system can prevent a disaster before it happens. When an electrical connection becomes loose or weak over time, it can generate heat and can eventually cause shorting and even worse. Thermal imaging preventative maintenance is a quick and easy way to find hot spots in an electrical system and repair them before the problem becomes worse.

Back-up generator installation

The weather has become more and more unpredictable over the past few years. Keep revenue flowing during a power outage with a backup generator. With different backup power solutions for every budget, let us help your business keep the lights on and the Interac machine running during a power outage.

Property maintenance

Allow our reliable technicians to help you maintain your property with a range of services, from our 48’ reach bucket truck to quick and reliable service calls.

Commercial surge protection

Many businesses rely on sensitive electronic equipment for their day-to-day operation. Unfortunately, a power surge or brownout can cause catastrophic damage to these sensitive pieces of equipment. A small investment in a surge protector can save big money and headaches from our often-temperamental power grid.

Commercial Services

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